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Youth-produced exploration of the prison-industrial-complex: A Decarcerate PA & Art Factory Col

Last week, members of the Philadelphia Student Union went to the Decarcerate PA and Art Factory event for their video premier and the launch of their “100 Days Instead of Prisons” campaign. The young people at the Art Factory made stop-motion videos about the prison industrial complex this summer. We thought they were so awesome that we wanted to share them with all of our supporters, too!

Check it out!

Decarcerate PA is a grassroots campaign working to end mass incarceration in Pennsylvania. They demand that PA stop building prisons, reduce the prison population, and reinvest money in our communities. They believe that we should be investing money in education, not incarceration. You can read more about Decarcerate PA here.

At the Philadelphia Student Union, we know that it is no accident that the Governor’s budget includes building prisons and closing schools. We know that PA is one of many states that is facing a national attack on public education, while the prison industrial complex continues to grow and prosper. We demand an end to the criminalization of youth, especially youth of color.

Thanks, Art Factory for putting a lot of time into making these great videos. To learn more about Art Factory, you can follow them on tumblr.

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