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Worst of #Philly1stDay

Yesterday, the students of Philadelphia returned to schools that are understaffed, short on resources, and filled to the brim with students. At the suggestion of The Notebook, many tweeted about their experiences using the hashtag #Philly1stDay.

Here is our collection of some of the tweets that represent #Philly1stDay:

no librarian

capa one secretary

already spent 100

60 percent no councelors

trash for paper

bad water

bullying victim

favorite teachers gone

grieving students

helen- one coun for 3000

in car on safe routes

kids on floor

list of missing staff

lost councelor impact


no honors classes

no librarian

no money for stamps

over crowded class

parent volunteer

spanish speakers

we know there is money

And despite these messages from students from staff (there were many more that this), we recieved this message from Superintendent Hite:

hite message

And this from the Philadelphia School Partnership:

psp message

Nothing was said about #philly1stday from Mayor Nutter or Governor Corbett.

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