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William L. Sayre High School

At Sayre we are pleased to announce that PSU played a critical role in the re-opening of our library after a closure of over 2 years. We are now working to ensure that there are books and materials in the library so that it can truly be a resource for our education. Additionally we are working to implement a peer-mentoring program that was designed last year with input from student and staff members. We will work to train 11th and 12th graders to mentor 9thand 10th graders. The goals of our mentoring program are to reduce the isolation of 9th and 10thgraders, to increase classroom attendance and student retention to ensure that each incoming class of 9th graders stays together and graduates together. We will use our philosophy of‘reclaiming education’ which has worked so well for our own members, among whom we have a 100% graduation rate from Sayre.

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