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Will @ B.A.Y.M.

William Drummond

Hi my name is Will and I am a member of the Philadelphia Student Union and I’m here at B.A.Y.M. building a youth movement. At B.A.Y.M we bring together students in the Philadelphia school district and do workshops on political education and media training. Since I’ve been at B.A.Y.M. one of the workshops that stood out to me was called pirates in the class room. This workshop stood out so much because it spoke on the Somalian pirate conflict. What happened in the beginning was the Somalian people stood for protecting their coast by hijacking ships, but in the end they lost sight of what they were fighting for. This workshop was basically on how the media paints a picture on things that mislead people. They tend to show you what happened and not often how it happened.We also touched on the issue of how the media portrays poverty.The media at times gives the idea that people in poverty are usually not well educated, rude, destructive, and criminals. However, what you don’t really see is why is poverty there, what caused it, and how can it be stopped?

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