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Walk in my shoes

I was having a conversion with an older person on the 27 bus going to work. He was said “Kids these days got it easy…all they have to do is go to school and go home. Now when I was kid it was a lot harder” After that he went into detail about him growing up in poverty having to walk “24” miles to school each day and still be expected to be there on time. So now after giving myself a day to reflect I say this. “Kids now-a-days” do have it easy. That is if you still have the privilege of being a “kid”.

The fact is if your a young person in Philadelphia (and threw out America but I will only speak for the people I know) you don’t have it that easy. You have school which in its self is a hand full (test quizzes projects papers, PSSA, PSAT, ACT, etc) then you have extra curricular actives, and because you need or wanting to be independent and self reliant you have to get a job.

I will not rant because it gets me nowhere however I will provide you with insight. If you are a young adult you have to stay busy, because since a young age (preschool-up) you are taught that the only way you will be something in life to fill every single bit of your schedule with an activity. This in turn leads to both added stress and a since of I’m not good enough if you don’t compete task.

For me a 12 grade whom struggled in my early years of school I know this all too well. I’ve filled days to the brim with events and in the end all I got from it was added stress, and now that I have to deal with the college process the stress meter is off the chart.

That conversation is another added difficulty. This brings me to my point. There seems as if there is a myth because of technological advancement “WE” as young people still don’t have to go threw the same difficulties people have older generations went threw. That myth needs to be disproved. Young people today have the same if not more struggles of the past. Our education is constantly being changed with out our input, laws are passed that constant criminalize us, thou racism is not so often seen- it has been replaced by theses divided between the rich and the poor.

To those that would dare say that the trials and tribulations that young people face today is simply the debate between which new dance to imitate or which trend to follow, I would challenge you to walk in our shoes. I would challenge you to have a discussion with a young person. As I am sure you will be surprised on which levels you will relate with them

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