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Update from our Fall Retreat!

(A group picture taken at the end of the retreat)

Every school year members of the Philadelphia Student Union organize a weekend-long leadership development retreat in the fall and spring. From November 16th to 18th, twenty Philly Student Union members from five different schools came together for a weekend of new friendships, strategizing and leadership.

Young people facilitated workshops on young people’s oppression and the effects of wealth inequality on our society. In a student-facilitated workshop on the Fundamental Problem, students brainstormed how they would hypothetically keep movements silenced. The more we know about what we’re up against, the better we can organize to build our own power.

Alumni members lead workshops for our men’s and women’s group. Students also participated in workshops on school closings, grassroots fundraising and team building.

A $150 donation covers the cost for 1 student to attend our leadership development retreat. Thanks to all of our donors who made our fall retreat possible. If you want to support two students to attend our spring retreat visit and become a $25/month sustainer.

(A student-facilitated workshop on the Fundamental Problem)

(In a workshop on Fundraising, students learned and discussed how PSU raises money and what we spend it on.)

(Looks like Kyla (10%) has 80% of the chairs over there. What’s fair about that? A demonstration from our student-facilitated Fundamental Problem workshop.)

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