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Turn Up for the Movement!: A Citywide Student-Led Assembly

On February 1st, 2014, hundreds of students will assemble at Edison High School to strategize on how to reclaim a high public quality education in Philadelphia during a citywide student-led assembly called “Turn Up for the Movement”. Following the closure of over 20 public schools last year along with the deep cuts to staff and programming, students are feeling the affects every day in their schools.

Students will gather to discuss their solutions to the school-to-prison pipeline and budget cuts to public education. By holding a massive public assembly open to all high school students, the organizers from the Philadelphia Student Union and Youth United for Change hope to draw more young people into organizing for high quality public education.

At the assembly, students will decide on next steps for action in Philadelphia. Students in Philadelphia know that in order for their voices to be heard by those in power, they will need to mobilize several thousands of students to make an impact. We are strategizing for actions that will bring the nation’s eyes to Philadelphia. The national attack on public education is evident to nearly all high school students in our city. Students are taking a stand to fight back.

Are you a student who wants to attend Turn up for the Movement?

Here are the details for the event:

WHAT: Turn Up for the Movement: A Youth-Led Citywide Assembly

WHERE: Edison High School, 151 W Luzerne St (Accessible via the Broad St. Line, and Bus routes: 46, 56, 57)

WHEN: Registration starts at Noon. The day ends at 6pm.

WHY: Students of Philadelphia are fighting back! Join us!

WHAT ELSE?: The event is free and lunch is provided. There will be a raffle and an after party. If you have a Facebook, you can RSVP and share the event!

Are you an adult ally who wants to help?

Here’s what you can do:

You can sponsor a student to attend this event by donating. A donation of $20 will cover transportation to and from the assembly, a hot lunch, a snack, and all the materials they will need for the day. Or make a donation of another amount of your choice to support the assembly.

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