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Support PSU’s Summer Organizing and Leadership Institute!

Update 7/5/18: Thanks to all your support, we are already more than halfway to our goal! We have raised $1260 and just need to raise $740 more to make BAYM a reality. Will you help us get there by making a donation today?

Any summer at the Philadelphia Student Union wouldn’t be complete without our organizing and leadership institute, BAYM: Building a Youth Movement. This year, we have expanded BAYM from a week-long to a month-long program. This will allow Philadelphia Student Union members more time and space to develop their political education, leadership skills, and organizing acumen, while also deepening our relationship to the West Philadelphia community and connecting our school-based struggles to the life of our neighborhood.

However, to fund the program, we must raise an additional $2,000 in the next few weeks. We just need 40 people to donate $50 each to make this expanded leadership development program a reality! Can you make a $50 donation today to support Building a Youth Movement? We will also gladly accept contributions of $5, $10, $100, $1000, or any other amount of your choice.

This school year, the Philadelphia Student Union has focused on integrating arts and culture into our organizing and our organizational culture. We will continue this theme within BAYM, incorporating music-making as well as arts and cultural programming into the curriculum, all culminating in an Open Mic night at the end of the month-long program. Your donations to BAYM will support arts and cultural programming for young people in Philadelphia.


Another focus of BAYM this year will be a community-planning project in partnership with the Friends of Malcolm X. Park, where PSU members will build their canvassing and community-based research skills while surveying our local community on what we want for the future of Malcolm X. Park. Through the project, we will develop a community-based plan to present to the City of Philadelphia.

In the face of gentrification of our neighborhoods, it’s crucial that young people develop the tools and skills to fight for our community control of public resources. Make a donation to BAYM today and you can help make this happen.

Thank you for supporting our summer youth leadership institute!

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