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Students Stand with Temple Nurses on the Picket Line

On April 8th, the Philadelphia Student Union, along with the Unified Taxi Workers Alliance and Media Mobilizing Project, went to the front lines of the Temple nurses strike to show support and stand with picketing PASNAP members. Justin Carter, a member of PSU and a senior at West Philadelphia HS, spoke to the crowd about the connections between students’ struggles & nurses’ struggles. He called attention to the problems with the ‘gag clause’ that Temple is trying to put on nurses, saying, “Just like students have the right to speak out about the conditions in our schools, nurses have the right to speak out about the working conditions in their hospitals.”

LISTEN to the 2 MINUTE RADIO STORY featuring PSU’s speech from the picket line.

This piece was recorded by Greg Jordan-Detamore & produced by Justin Carter for On Blast. You can listen to On Blast every Wednesday on 88.1FM WPEB in West Philly, and online at

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