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Students Rally for National Youth Investment on May 19th

The phrase “young people are the future” is often used by many adults and Americans in general. If this is what adults in America believe then why are elected officials approving budgets that cuts billions of dollars from education? By saying they believe in young people then taking money from education to invest in prisons proves that if it isn’t demanded, education will be pushed to the side for another agenda. Big budget cuts in education is something that cannot be acceptable and is a prime example of why students, parents, teachers and allies need to be participants in the decision making.

On May 19th the National Campaign for Quality Education, Alliance for Educational Justice, and the Leaders Investing for Equality (LIFE) Campaign will have the National Rally & March for Youth Investment in Washington DC. People from all over the country will rally and march for increased investment in the nation’s youth. Here are the list of demands:

1. Making an investment in the quality of public education by passing the National Campaign for Quality Education’s bill

2. Making an investment in youth jobs by passing the Youth Jobs Bill (authored by congressman Bobby Rush)

3. And by investing in youth voice and youth participation in federal policy decisions by creating a Grassroots and Congressional Youth Caucuses

Young people should be treated as the future leaders of this country. Young people need to be invested in and the White House, U.S. Congress and other legislators should be those investors. This needs to start with creating more youth jobs, access to an equal and quality education and decision making power in our education. Youth need all of this support to prepare them for meaningful and excellent careers. To secure these things, we need to take action and hold our nation’s leaders to specific demands.

Buses will be going from Philadelphia to Washington DC on the day of. If you’d like to come down with us please visit for details.

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