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Student Union hosts the CPERers

This year the CPER (Communities for Public Education Reform) conference is being held in Philly. The conference gathers groups from Chicago, Denver, Providence, and other cities all over the country to talk about the education reform work going on now and the potential for more work in the future. Student Union had a really great time hosting CPER attendees at two awesome events.On Thursday night we held an open mic and on Friday a site visit came to our office to see some of the work we do around using media as a tool for organizing.

The talent and the energy in the room on Thursday was ridiculous! As for the site visit, we started off by showing some of the media that students here at PSU have produced, and also talked about how we use media in our organizing work. Eventually we moved everyone over to the radio station (WPEB) where we broadcast our radio show – On Blast! ( We interviewed some of the groups live on the air and should be posting a piece or two made from the interviews soon (keep checking that podcast!). It was really powerful and encouraging to be able to talk to other young people who are organizing around a lot of the same issues that we are. Students were engineering, doing the interviews, hosting, and being interviewed

Both days were really important to the movement that we are trying to build: a national movement for quality public schools that liberate students (as a part of the larger movement to end poverty). We started building strong personal relationships and continued to expand our organizational ties.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the open mic and to the site visit (double points if you went to both)!!!

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