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Student Reaction to Deeper Budget Cuts

Student Reaction to Deeper Budget Cuts

My name is Abu Kanu, I am sophomore at Benjamin Franklin High School. I’m an immigrant from Sierra Leone, West Africa. I joined PSU in September, 2012. I’m a member of the Ben Franklin High School chapter and PSU’s radio team On Blast Radio.

abu at retreat

This is me at PSU’s spring retreat.

Yesterday, I read this article about the new budget for schools.

Does this budget cut solve our problem? I guess so for Dr. Hite and Matthew Stanski, the school district’s Chief Financial Officer. But, things are running down in terms of education in Philly. The school district and the state have closed our schools and now they want to eliminate our future. It is now time to fight against this blast of destruction to our schools. Schools are becoming places where they treat students like prisoners.

By putting us in this situation, reducing nurses and counselors, the education in philly will be totally broken and will result in massive destruction to our city. The budget of school police will remain the same but then school will be like a place for dealing with criminals. And we are not criminals. Laying off our nurses and school counselors, people who help us, will create a big disaster for the people of Philadelphia.

By laying off our counselors, there will be no one to help us with applying to college. There will be no one counseling us with our home affairs. There will be no one to help us with our school problems.

By decreasing our nurses, this will cause more sickness in our school. A single nurse cannot take care of 1,000 to 1,500 students.

In terms of sport, I’ve heard people say “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Sports are very important in our schools. Sports help us move to a higher level, especially with our self-esteem. I believe that music is a sourse of life. And libraries are another important place to learn.

By eliminating all these things, how will our lives be in the future? Please, we want to keep our dreams, so we can keep trying to achieve them. We want to be leaders in the future.

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