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Student Apocalypse: A Brainless Future

On January 15th, members of the Philadelphia Student Union gathered on the steps of the School District Building to stage a “Student Apocalypse: A Brainless Future”. They performed a zombie-themed flashmob dance and spoke out against school closings.

Students created this action in response to the list of school closings that was announced just prior to the winter break. “We believe that the new plans for our schools are not in our best interest and will set students up to fail”, said Raquanda Rivers, a Sophomore at West Philadelphia High School. Students are calling for a moratorium on school closings until an analysis of the impact has been conducted.

Through this creative demonstration, students acted out what education reform means to them: creating more “brainless” students being shuffled through a system that isn’t working with them or for them. Amijah Townsend, a junior at Masterman High School, added, “This action symbolizes the death of our hope for what public education could be if student voices were included.”

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