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Spring Retreat Report-Back!

A group photo at the end of our Spring Retreat!

Hey PSU supporters,

My name is Jeremy Olivieri and I go to Benjamin Franklin High School and I’m in 10th grade. I also like to free run. I’m interested in photograpy and Mix Martial Arts. In fact, I took all the pictures in this blog post!


This is me! Jeremy Olivieri!

Before going on the retreat, I felt excited and couldn’t wait to go. I hoped to gain more friends and to take millions of pictures, as well to learn how to try to stop school closures.

I thought that I might learn more about dealing with problems, such as conflicts and stereotypes and other issues, like school bullying on the retreat.


Jess and Raquanda on the bus on the way to the retreat!


Fred on the bus on the way to the retreat!

We finally got there and had a packed weekend. The activity I enjoyed the most was the men’s and women’s group. We separated the men and women and sat down to talk about topics that included stereotypes among men and women.

The workshop that I learned most from was a workshop on racism. On the wall there were pictures of people of different races with jobs next to them. Everyone had to vote on which person had which job depending on the way they look. Everyone was wrong! Which taught me a lesson. Don’t think that because someone is a different race than you that means they aren’t what people stereotype them to be because they can be just like you. I learned not to judge a book by its cover, meaning don’t discriminate someone by the way they look.

circle workshop

All of us PSU members in a youth-facilitated workshop.

civil rights group

We did a workshop on past movements.

This was the Civil Rights Movement presenting their movement to the group.

Throughout the weekend, I felt like I didn’t want to wait until the next day to see what they have in store for us next. I had the most fun when we had our free time. We played football, basketball and did mostly anything since it was free time.

morning walk

A group of us walking to breakfast in the morning.

abu at retreat

My friend, Abu, at the retreat.

After the retreat, I felt proud and happy that I went. I’m excited because I want to help and make a difference not with just me with the whole Philadelphia Student Union. Now that I know that the retreat was this fun, I want to go again.

rsz 1group photo

All of us at the end of the retreat! Group photo!

Thanks for reading! Until next time…

Jeremy Olivieri

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