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SOS: Save Our Schools!

Today, the Alliance for Educational Justice held its national day of action as a part of its campaign to get a high quality education for every student in the country. Grassroots organizing groups all across the nation held events and rallies to demand changes to No Child Left Behind and a real investment in our education system and in our young people. In Philadelphia, the Student Union and Youth United for Change went to Love Park to do outreach and to get footage for a Public Service Announcement we’re putting together to get out the word in support of the campaign.

In honor of tax day, we gave out stickers that people could put on their tax envelopes to help send a message to the federal government that they had to “Invest Their Taxes in Public Education.”

We’ll post the PSA as soon as it’s finished!

F0r more info about the Alliance for Education Justice and the Campaign for Quality Education you can go to

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