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Sharron’s Reflections

I enjoyed protesting school closings in Chicago. The organizers in Chicago were happy to see that other cities came to support them. Across the country school closings are mostly affecting black and latino students. Here in Pennsylvania they are building two new prisons at the same time they are closing schools in Philadelphia. Closing schools and building prisons makes me think that the state and the city are making it harder for students to graduate high school. When you don’t graduate high school you don’t get a job you end up doing things that are illegal and you end up going to prison.

50 schools, 49 elementary schools and 1 high school, are closing in Chicago. Students, teachers and parents are going to keep protesting and keep fighting until school closings are stopped and there are better resources in schools, less testing, more teachers and support staff and more money going to support our schools.

photo 4

Me speaking at a rally in Chicago.

photo 3

Chicago and Philadelphia public schools fighting school closings together.

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