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Senior year

i know i’ve said this like a million times but whoever said that senior year was the easiest year ever was a complete liar. maybe it was to them but not to the people i talk to. It’s the most stressful year of my life. Between college acceptances, scholarships and grants, trying to keep up with the grades, home life and the dumbest senior exit project ever…it’s enough to make anyone go crazy. then on top of all that it’s this whole senior-itis thing that’s been kickin my butt since december. aw man the best year was sophmore year. it’s like you aren’t new anymore, but you dont have any type pf pressure. it’s the fall back year where you can just chill out and do whatever. it’s the best (in my opinion) last year was all about grades and this year it’s all about college prom and graduation. "better make sure you get the grades to graduate" UGH! who says i’m not gonna graduate?!?!?!?! i know i am i just gotta put a little more effort into it and i know that i’m one of the biggest procrastinaters i know still i get it done……eventually…*shurg* but whatever as long as i pass this year i’m goin off to college and there’s no turning back. i know there are gonna be a couple more years where i’ll get the senior-itis again but when i really think about it i guess it’s gonna be worth it in the end…i guess i just wish the end would come a little sooner…

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