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Reflection of my first day

Today was my first day of school; the morning went as follows: woke up> got ready> listened in as my sister play the PSU sound tack (which is great by the way) >left for school>welcomed by crowded front steps as students eagerly waited to start a new year(or in my case eager to get it over with). The track – my sister was listening to- really goting thining about how and why students get “Pushed Out”. I can relate to seeing litteraly all but 2 of my friends from 9th grade to 12th not tehre. The craziest part is that I don’t even see fimailiar faces as far as students go. Sometimes i think about where they are..locked up… forced to take a low paying job…or worse.

We as teachers of life lession can not allow countless amounts of students to keep being pushed of school. If the greatest goal of education is to allow students a chance to have a equal playiong feild in the job force, then we must make sure that every student is making it threw school to get to that level ( not to minchin that we must improve the rigor and teaching methods and materials to ensure they are all on a equal playing feild). I miss my friends and I know that this year will make or break those that remain. I myself am stressed about the upcoming a major events: SAT(part 2), ACT(part 2), college apps, college essays, and all that other good stuff…. Wow i see why students without supports like PSU dropout…

until later

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