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PSU Productions: Our Youth-Produced Films

In January, the Philadelphia Student Union connected with three wonderful film-makers: Aidan Un, Sarah Milinski and Lendl Tellington. PSU members and our resident film-makers collaborated to create three fims on the topics of school closures, the school-to-prison pipeline and the high stakes cost of standardized testing. Students also learned the fundamentals of film-making, such as setting up their shots and how to direct actors and crew.

We know that the mainstream media does not tell the whole story about the lives of young people in Philadelphia. We offer these videos as a counter-point to the stereotypes we see about young people in the news. As young people we continue to be pushed out of conversations around school reform and public safety. Because of the stereotypes of young people as unruly and uncooperative, we need to change those narratives through the creation of our own media. We must change the story. We must confront the mainstream media that keeps us in our place–that keeps stereotypes alive and well.

Young people have a deep analysis about their schools and communities. The public and those in power need to hear our voices.

Enjoy our videos, and don’t forget to share them!

What We Carry On Our Backs: The School-To-Prison Pipeline from Philly Student Union on Vimeo.

Set Up To Fail: The High Stakes Cost of Standardized Testing from Philly Student Union on Vimeo.

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