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PSU Productions: Our First Film Screening!

In January, the Philadelphia Student Union connected with three wonderful film-makers: Aidan Un, Sarah Milinski and Lendl Tellington. PSU members and our resident film-makers collaborated to create three fims on the topics of school closures, the school-to-prison pipeline and the high stakes cost of standardized testing. Students also learned the fundamentals of film-making, such as setting up their shots and how to direct actors and crew.

Last week, we screened our youth-produced films to an audience for the first time! Thank you so much to the Media Mobilizing Project for lending us their space and to all the PSU supporters who came out! Missed the screening? Check out our films here!

Here are some photos from the screening!

film screening 6

The room filling up with PSU members and supporters!

film screening 7

Kelli Ross, PSU member, was an awesome host for the night.

film screening 10

Our audience ready to watch the films.

film screening 8

Another shot of the audience.

film screening 9

After we watched our films, four youth producers (from left to right: Jonae, Sharron, Othella and Brian) sat on a panel. They answered questions about the production process and took questions from the audience.

film screening 11

Jennifer Turnbull, from Spiral Q Puppet Theater, co-moderated our panel with Kelli.

film screening 13

The audience enjoyed our panel discussion and asked some important questions too!

film screening 5

Our Youth Media Organizer, Beth (standing) and students, Mahala and Brittany watched the panel discussion from the back of the room.

film screening 1

At the end of the evening, we presented our resident film-makers with thank you cards. We put them on the spot and asked them how they felt about working with us! (From left to right: Sarah Milinski, Lendl Tellington, and Aidan Un)

film screening 2

Obviously, they were pretty touched by our thank you cards.

Don’t forget to watch and share our films!

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