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PSU Members Facilitate at the TAG Curriculum Fair!

Hi PSU Supporters,

This is Sharron and Jeremy. We are two PSU members and students at Benjamin Franklin High School.Two weekends ago, we went to the TAG Curriculum Fair. The theme of the day was “Flip the Script”. We facilitated a workshop at Facts Charter School about Young People’s Oppression.

sharron and jeremy

Us, Sharron and Jeremy, at the beginning of our workshop.

We talked about what is Young People’s Oppression and how it plays out in the classroom. At the end we came up with different ways that we can stop oppression all together. This is important because mistreatment resulting from oppression can cause bad relationships between students and teachers. We know that we must all work together to fight for public education.

workshop crowd

All the people that came to our workshop!

spiral of opp

PSU member & workshop participant, Henry, studying the Spiral of Oppression.

This was our first time facilitating at any event. We were very scared because we knew all eyes are going to be on us. We were hesitant to run the workshop we didn’t want to mess up when presenting. But at the end we did great and we got shout outs for the great facilitating we did. The adults and students love that our staff at the Philadelphia Student Union want the students run the workshops. We would love to facilitate at the TAG Curriculum Fair again.

j  s facilitating
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