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PSU leader, Nuwar, on the Education Nation Student Panel on MSNBC

This Sunday, PSU member, Nuwar Ahmed was a student panelist on the Education Nation Student Town Hall, hosted by the Melissa Harris Perry Show on MSNBC. Nuwar was joined by other guests from the newly formed Chicago Students Union and the Providence Students Union.

Here is what Nuwar had to say about her experience on MSNBC:

I am really honored to have been able to represent Philly Student Union on the Melissa Harris-Perry show. The experience was phenomenal. I was picked up by a fancy car, had my hair and makeup done by a professional and I met really amazing and intelligent people. I met three other students who were also on the panel with me. Cauldierre from Providence, Rhode Island, Noa from Washington, DC and Ross from Chicago, Illinois, you guys are awesome! Although we come from different cities in the country, we all have the same ultimate goal. We just want public education to be a priority and we want adults to see that “kids” are not second class citizens and we have rights.

I thought going on this national television show would consist of me talking about public education but I was wrong. A lot of small things happened that I didn’t really expect. When I heard there would be an audience, I pictured an Ellen Degeneres type deal with a bunch of adults in the crowd sitting there either amused or impressed by what students had to say but when I got there I saw a bunch of students! It was really cool because not only was I surrounded by peers, those who did, asked some really great and thought provoking questions! This experience made me seriously realize that so many students have fire inside their hearts burning for equal rights and I honestly believe that one day (hopefully soon) we will get what we deserve, a quality education.


In response to the question as to what students felt the need to be organized about, Nuwar explains what is happening in Philadelphia education:

“The fact that we are not a priority in the eyes of the governor, who in charge of funding our public education. Because of the lack of funding, we aren’t able to have a lot of things such as teachers, nurses, counselors, sports, arts, music, and all the great things that go into schools and make schools what they are.”

Nuwar goes on to draw attention to the fact that Governor Corbett is withholding additional funds from the school district, after having cut over $1 billion from education in the last two years.

Watch the whole clip and other parts of the Education Nation Student Town Hall here:

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