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Prison jumpsuits in Schools in Texas

Here’s a news story from PSU’s radio show, On Blast

According to, a school district in central Texas—in a town called Gonzalez—Deputy Superintendent Larry Wehde is enforcing students to wear prison jumpsuits as a punishment for not wearing their school uniforms.

The new policy prohibits sporting "disruptive hair," or over-sized clothing. Boys are not allowed to wear their hair past their collars or earrings. Girls are not allowed to wear miniskirts, leggings, tight shorts, tights, or cut-offs.

From the PSU point of view, this is example of not only young people’s oppression and also treating kids like they’re not human; like they’re just some piece of dirt. This is an example of how young people are oppressed because they are not really given a choice of how to express themselves. They only have the choice of being suspended or wearing the prison jumpsuit.

The article point out that schools also mimic prison architecture. A May 2008 New York Times article points out that school design, particularly public school designs are often "lumped in with the design of other institutional structures like jails, civic centers and hospitals, to detrimental effect."

"At Sayre, our school is also looks like a prison. It’s not just a Philly problem, it’s a problem across the United States. This is not fair because some people in this country are getting a real education, while poor young people are getting treated like prisoners in their schools." -said Sayre h.s. student Matt Johnson

"At West Philadelphia h.s. "They treat us like we in prison" is heard alot in the hallways of my school. I feel like what they are doing down in Texas is down right offense to students programing them to think if they do something wrong then you will end up in a prison jump suit, if that was to happen in here I think thats when people will really understand how much community involvement is needed to help win our schools back." -said West Philadelphia h.s student Mason-Calais Tyer

To hear more news stories about students’ issues, interviews with PSU members, chapter updates and lots of good music, go to On Blast’s podcast:>

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