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POWER and PSU Rally for Funding

Last Friday, members of the Philadelphia Student Union came together with parents, teachers, community members, and POWER (Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower, & Rebuild) to hold a rally at the Governor’s Philadelphia office.

This rally marked the beginning of a countdown to the budget hearings in Harrisburg. As the reality of the “doomsday budget” sinks deeper, we, the students of Philadelphia must keep fighting for funding for our schools. We will be going to Harrisburg on June 25th with hundreds of people from across Pennsylvania to demand funding for our schools.

On June 14th, at 4pm the crowd gathered at LOVE park and marched through the pouring rain to Broad & Walnut.

march power rally

Photo Credit: Matt Graber

march power rally 2

Photo Credit: Matt Graber

Students and faith leaders of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish traditions addressed the crowd of hundreds that gathered. PSU member, Kelli Ross, gave a speech. You can read it here. Traffic was blocked on Broad st. for approximately an hour.

crowd at POWER rally 2

A delegation of students and community members went up to Governor Corbett’s office to give him a letter which demanded further funding for public education in Philadelphia. Additionally, the letter informs Governor Corbett of our plans to come to Harrisburg on the 25th.

The State needs to solve the funding crisis that they have manufactured for public education in Pennsylvania. Our state legislators are responsible for providing education funding to the state of Pennsylvania and they are failing not only students but entire communities as well. These cuts to education will destroy public education as we know it.

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