Photos from May 17th Citywide Student Walkout

On Friday, May 17th, students across Philadelphia walked out of school at 12pm. This walkout was in protest of the deep budget cuts to education that we may experience next year in the Philadelphia School District. This budget includes cuts to sports, music, art, counselors, nurses, assistant principals. This barebones budget means that all teachers would be teaching at the maximum class size. Students organized themselves from across the city to walk out in protest of this budget.

The students of Philadelphia demand that the city and the state restore adequate and equitable funding to the Philadelphia School District. After students walked out they gathered at the School District Building and then marched down Broad st. to City Hall. At City Hall, council members were hearing testimony on school funding proposals. There is no doubt that they could hear us outside of City Hall. Thousands of Philadelphia students participated in this action. The largest walk out Philadelphia has seen since 1967. Below are photos from May 17th. This is the first of many actions in which we will show representatives the student power of Philadelphia. Read more at The Nation.

Thousands of students marched from the School District Building to City Hall.

Students marching to City Hall.

PSU member, Sharron, addresses the crowd at 440.

CJ Willis Photography

CJ Willis Photography

PSU member, Tiana, at the march. CJ Willis Photography.

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