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Philly Student Union This Summer!

Even in the summer time, the Philadelphia Student Union continues the work to improve the quality of our public schools. Throughout the summer, we will be going on trips and events to network, learn and organize.

This month, PSU will participate in the Community for Public Education Reform’s 2nd annual Convening here in Philadelphia. Members will be in panels, leading dialogues and teaching participants about our organizing work here in Philly.

In June, the PSU will be making two trips. At the beginning of June, we will be going to the Dignity and Schools Conference in Chicago. This conference is focused on the zero tolerance policy in schools across America. At the end of the month, we will be going to the Free Minds Free People Conference in Houston, Texas. This will be an opportunity to meet youth organizers from across the country and PSU will be facilitating a workshop on the tied issues of education reform and gentrification.

In July, there is the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, where members will share some of the media organizing PSU has done in the past year and its relevance to our work. Then in August, the Philadelphia Student Union will attend the Poverty Initiative’s leadership school. Here, people will explore PSU’s role in a larger movement to end poverty in America and the world.

Finally, we will have our own leadership institute, BAYM: Building a Youth Movement. Members will create and facilitate political education workshops to develop leadership and help get the organization ready to work in the Fall.

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