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philly schools closing

Philadelphia public schools will close in the near future. Unfortunately, the district is not being transparent with decisions on what schools are closing. This is despite the work that the Philadelphia Student Union and others have done in the past. These campaigns were about transparency, demands for the district to be more clear to students and parents with decisions that effect our future and eventually the state of our neighborhoods.

If parents and students don’t know what schools are closing or worse not aware of schools closing at all, how are they suppose to prepare or where their child goes to school? The school district’s refusal to be clear with their plans is making it difficult for parents to care for their kids education, aside from the obvious problem pushing students out of the schools they belong in. Another big issue is over crowding because it contributes to climate issues, the same issues that lead a school to the “Persistently Dangerous list”. One persistently dangerous school closes down forcing the students to travel to a neighborhood that they’re not from to another persistently dangerous school, rival mentality arises causing conflict. This situation is very probable because the school being over crowded is already dealing with unmet social/emotional needs on top of other problems with the schools atmosphere and conditions.

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