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Philadelphia Youth Commission needs to fill vacancies

Youth Commission seeks to fill vacancies The Philadelphia Youth Commission <> is looking for individuals to fill four vacancies. Appointments to the Commission are made by local district councilpeople. If you live east of the El (Port Richmond, Bridesburg, Tacony, etc.) contact Councilwoman Joan Krajewski at 215-686-3444 or City Hall Room 591, Philadelphia, Pa. 19107 If you live in North Philadelphia west of Broad including Temple please contact Councilman Darrell Clarke at 215-686-3442 or City Hall Room 484, Philadelphia, Pa. 19107. If you live in the Greater Northeast please contact Councilman Brian O’Neill at 215-686-3422 or City Hall Room 562, Philadelphia, Pa. 19107. If you live elsewhere in the city please contact Councilman At-Large Jack Kelly at 215-686-3452 or City Hall Room 594. If you have any questions or want help applying please call 215-686-2159 and ask for De’Ara.

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