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Our School Funding Campaign

Pennsylvania ranks third-to-last in percent of state contribution to public education, causing the majority of public school funding to come from local revenue. Predictably, the school districts which have wealthier residents have more money than the school districts of poorer areas---“on average, the poorest 20% of school districts have $7,866 less per student than the wealthiest 20%.” These funding inequities materialize in larger class sizes, fewer educational opportunities like advanced classes or extracurricular activities, and too few guidance counselors or nurses.

Pennsylvania’s students are tired of going to schools barren of the educational opportunities and basic necessities that we deserve.

The Philadelphia Student Union’s School Funding Campaign serves to unite the students and educators of Pennsylvania in a state-wide fight for more public school funding. We will be working to support the Education Law Center. ELC and their partners have filed a lawsuit against state officials, challenging the state’s failure to meet its constitutional obligation to provide all students with a high-quality public education. Trial is expected this year.

Our campaign culminates in a public hearing on May 17th, on the 67th anniversary of the landmark Brown v. Board court ruling. At this public hearing held via Zoom, students and educators from across Pennsylvania will share their experiences with inadequate and inequitable funding. We have two goals: we hope to pressure the state to increase public education spending before they finalize the budget on June 30th, and we hope to bring media attention to stories of students’ experiences with low funding so the ELC’s lawsuit will have a strong public backing. You can now register for our hearing at

Sign up here if you are a young person in Pennsylvania and are interested in joining our campaign. If you or someone you know has contacts in underfunded schools anywhere in the state, please reach out Fred Pinguel at

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