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New Media Program Launch: YEARBOOKPHL

At the Philadelphia Student Union, we believe that young people have a complex analysis about their schools and communities. We believe that in order to fight and organize around systems of oppression, we must understand how mainstream media creates narratives that keep the public at ease with the status quo. When media is used as an organizing tool it serves the dual purpose of creatively expressing an analysis and pushing back against oppressive narratives. For our work, media creation and analysis is key.

YEARBOOK PHL is a multimedia workshop series designed for high school aged students in Philadelphia public schools. Participants will meet twice a month for four months to learn about photography, video, and audio recording so they can create multimedia projects about what it’s like to be a student in Philadelphia. YEARBOOK PHL will be facilitated by Sarah Milinski and Lendl Tellington, two amazing film-makers in their own right and experienced youth media educators.

If you are interested in joining please fill out the application below. You can email it to PSU’s Youth Media Organizer, Beth Patel, at If you have any questions, please feel free to call Beth directly at 916-806-4004. Please submit all applications by March 10th.

Workshops will begin will start March 17th, 2015. Select Tuesdays and Saturdays 4:15- 6:15pm.




1. How did you hear about this course?

A) I am a PSU member.

B) I heard about this course from a PSU member.


C) I heard about this course from a school teacher or administrator.



C) Other

Who told you about the course?

2. Do you have a camera?

A) Camera Phone

B) I have a point and shoot camera. A camera that is not on your phone that has a fixed lens.

C) I have a SLR. A camera you can replace the lenses on.

3. What is your experience with photography? What type of photos do you take?

4. What is your experience with audio recording?

5. What is your experience with video production?

Please answer the following questions with 3 complete sentences:

Why do you want to participate in this course?

Tell us about a problem that you see in your school and what do you think should be done about it.


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