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Masterman High School

At Masterman we are implementing a teacher/student dialogue process that is designed to open up channels of communication between students and staff. The way this process works is that a group of students and teachers acts as a survey committee. This committee comes up with questions about classroom environment, school climate, and motivation of both teachers and students. After the survey is completed it is distributed to students and teachers. The surveys are followed by classroom peer-led discussions, based on the information collected in the surveys. After this, notes from each discussion are compiled to give to the teacher. The final part is an open dialogue between each teacher with a small group of their students, facilitated by trained students about how to create a better classroom environment. Finally, after the whole process in completed, students and teachers are surveyed in order to glean what was useful about the process and whether or not any changes have resulted in the way students and teachers interact and communicate with each other.

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