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Join in the fight for public education

Reports from the first day of school make it clear that NOW is the time to support students fighting for public education in Philadelphia. If you want to support students leading the charge to fully fund our schools, please consider making a donation to the Philadelphia Student Union. By donating now, you will have double the impact.

The Cahn Funds for Social Change has pledged to match all donations up to $2,500 made to PSU throughout the month of September. If we can raise $2,500 from you, our allies and supporters, the Philadelphia Student Union can hold a fall retreat where 30 to 40 student organizers will deepen their political education, reflect on recent organizing and plan strategically for upcoming school closure battles.

“When I went on a retreat, it made me feel powerful. I realized we have power in unity. Students were teaching other students about how the world is, and why we don’t have stuff we need in school.” – Hausim, PSU leader

Together, we can fund the fall retreat — if 50 people donate $50 each, 100 people donate $25 each, or 250 people donate $10. It is in your hands to make this possible. Even if you can’t donate, you can help by posting on social media, emailing your friends, family and neighbors, and spreading the word.

Donate online today, or send a check with your gift to: Philadelphia Student Union, 4205 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia PA 19104.

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