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  • Fred Pinguel

Introducing our New Lead Organizer, Koby Murphy

I am proud and excited to give an update on our Lead Organizer hiring process. After an extensive process Koby Murphy - a PSU alum and former staff organizer - was promoted to the role.

I met Koby in 2008 when he was a recent graduate of Philly public schools. Koby understands our organization from every level - as a young person, alum and staff member. He also has roots all over Philadelphia and knows what it takes to build with young people from different parts of the city. Working with him over the past two years made clear that Koby is committed to the young people of Philadelphia.

As the lead organizer with the Philadelphia Student Union, Koby looks forward to growing our numbers of developing youth leaders and building lasting relationships with the members of the Philadelphia Student Union.

Koby says that, “As a longtime Philadelphian it’s been really rewarding to be a staff member with the Philadelphia Student Union.” I am excited to build and grow with Koby in his new role.

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