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“Inclusive Process”

So what I realized about the District recently was that it likes to claim that it’s having "inclusive procceses", but it really only includes people who have been working to include themselves. There’s no outreach to people who aren’t already involved. How can they claim that they’re having a "community" process when really the only people that I’ve seen at the strategic planning meetings are PSU, Teach for America, Research for Action, and some teachers and principals. Where are the other students? Where are the parents? The community members that aren’t part of organizing groups? The District needs to step up its outreach. Right now they think that if they put it up on the website then they’ve done everything they have to. That’s bogus, and they know it’s bogus. When they were re-instituting the zero tolerance policy they sent two sets of letters home AND did phone calls. Imagine if they did that for the strategic planning process. Imagine if they did that for the commnity meetings around CAII last year. The district knows how to do outreach. It isn’t that they can’t get the community more involved, nor do I think they don’t want the community involved. Maybe they just don’t want to put the work in to get it.

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