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In Memory and Honor of Garey Charles

It is with great sadness that we remember Garey Charles, who passed away earlier this week. Garey was a member of the Bartram chapter of the Philadelphia Student Union.

Eric Braxton, one of PSU’s founding members and former director, sent us this message about Garey:

Garey had one of the sharpest minds of anyone I have ever known. As a fifteen year-old he understood so much about the injustices in his community and his school and their causes. With Bartram in the news for chaos again, I have been thinking about what Garey would tell people about the real problems and solutions for our schools. He was one of the key student leaders of the fight against school privatization in 2001-02. Garey was one of the students who shut down the School District Headquarters on the day they were to announce which schools were to be privatized. When the District employees could not get into the building, they tried to take buses to another building, but Garey went and lay down in front of the buses. He had that kind of dedication to justice. I was fortunate to get to live with Garey for most of a year. I am so glad I got to spend that time with him. I will always remember his love of music, his sharp humor (which I was usually the butt of), and his ability to sleep for 15 hours a day. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones today.

Rest in Peace Garey. You will always be in our hearts.

We are sending our thoughts and deepest condolences to Garey’s family and loved ones. If you have thoughts or wishes for Garey that you would like posted on this page, please email Thank you.

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