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I tasted nature and then learned to organize

Yes my eyes have tasted nature succulent beauty

And its skin

Was as soft and filled with more lovin’ than

A fat kids mamma home made krimpet

So I had to find the murder of it, nature

In hopes of finding it

I went there (outside the convicted systems home)

Sat there (debating its reason of being)

And stayed there (for I knew what they did)

And I now know what they are doing

Making us work harder by

Stepping on the backs of others as if we were

Trying to recreating the pyramids

But instead of bricks we would use blocks constructed from oppression

And what would we receive?


Nothing at all, but a better seat

On the already partially submerged Titanic

(A symbol for or country in it current economic state)


Know really look hard

Because although you look your eyes are close to the injustices set before you

Open your eyes and behold these systems,


In place by our "non-brother & sister"

Now when I say our "non-sisters & brothers"

I don’t just mean people that are of a different color but those

That is opposed to us organizing for change

See we know that there is nothing wrong about the system it does everything


That is set up to do

See these systems are the un-discriminatory William Lynch

For is does care for your texture but how many assets you have assets to

AND we have issues

Issues that make the selfish of kings go and provide a weeping willow with a tissue

I know…

Liberty and justice is a splitting couple

And to them I would write a love song meant to relight the flames

That had been diminished be the rulers of hatred

I have nothing left to say to them (liberty and justice)

"I miss you"

(Tears wiped from my face with a tattered cloth used to wipe the blood from my battle systems)

I would continue

Just as the Egyptians awaited Moses

And the village people of that kingdom in Africa awaited the return of their KING


I would wait

Because I knew that it is not the person

But rather the difficulties that are placed in front of that person

That decides what side of the battlefield they stand with

See "I will survive,” said one soulful sista’

And for the creators of our difficulty to feel or pain

They must not only walk in our shoes

But they must also become well acquainted with our sacrifices

Be it,

To stave…or to feed your child

How selfish are we not to give the remainder of our food to a feast in their honor

(For those dumb founded that’s sarcasm)

It is time for a new nation

A nation filled with poor Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, Arabs, Caucasians,

And others

That is to say

The poor must become as unified as a race

Filling it in on every single government application

Their nation

Must fall and from it we shall reclaim the marriage

Of Liberty and Justice

And again becoming their children

So to you my future in laws

I say lets unify…and than organize

KCD (AKA Khalif Dobson)

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