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Getting the Message Across

Hi, my name is Paula Meninato. In the past week I have been a part of a program hosted by the Philadelphia Student Union, BAYM (Building a Youth Movement). During the program, we learned about different mediums and ways of communication through workshops and activities. For at least two hours each day, the students at BAYM split into three groups: the blog track, the video track, and the radio track.

We learned how to use the specific medium of the group we were in and its importance. I was in the blog track and I learned how to blog and why blogging is important. Blogging is important because it is very accessible (anyone with access to a computer, no matter how slow can access it), and anyone can do it at any time. The radio is another great way of communicating because it is just as accessible as blogging and it’s the quickest way to get the message across. Videos are a great medium because its one of the most direct mediums. Actually being able to see the image of a speaker gives the audience a more personal view and makes it easier for them to connect.

We also had a really great workshop on public speaking. First, we watched some speeches on youtube and discussed what good and bad public speaking looks like. Then, we went to 40th and Market and had people stand up on a chair and talk about problems at their school. We also had students go around and ask people to sign a petition asking for qualified teachers in the schools where they are needed the most. These two ways of getting support can be very effective because there are actual people there. Many people stopped to listen to us and they learned more about problems in our schools and we got over 70 signatures.

These mediums help get any kind of message across to a great number of various kinds of people with different points of view. It helps them gain insight on specific issues by hearing a new point of view that might not be heard in the traditional media.

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