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Gathering to Support Students from South Philly High

News from our friends at Asian Americans United..



This Sunday, December 13 3:00 pm Arch Street United Methodist Church 55 North Broad Street (SE corner of Broad and Arch)

Come together with other community members to support the Asian immigrant students of South Philadelphia High School who are struggling to make their school safe. For the past week, the students have bravely spoken up to tell the stories of what has happened to them at school and they have boycotted school in protest of the unsafe conditions at their school. Your presence will show the students that they are not alone and that there is a broad community of people who care about them and all of the students at the school. Bring your thoughts, a poem, song or brief statement that you would like to share with the students. For more information, please visit You can help by attending or making a donation.

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