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First Day at West Philadelphia High school Jr. Year

Today was the first day of my junior year at West Philadelphia High school. This first day was no ordinary first day at West because I am a member of PSU (Philadelphia Student Union). I had the oppertunity last year to plan things for the 9th graders this year. The planning took place amoungst the administrators of West,community members, and student union members.

I am very pleased that there were no disciplinary threats directed to students as far as I know. Because when young people are told to behave a certain way when they first enter an institution I think that plays a major roll in a bad climate. This year students were told that if they did not like the academy they we’re in for any reason, they would be assisted in being transferred.

I am also pleased to say that there were no violent incidents at school. The teachers are very open to the students and I think they are clearly trying to work internally as teachers like a community. The most important thing about them functioning as more of a community is that the students can tell that they are.I look forward to this year and I also look forward to posting more of my observations at school.

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