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Dr. Hite & Bill Green: Will You Stand With Us?

Last week, Dr. Hite cited “systemic disinvestment” as the reason for advising the SRC to not pass the budget for the 2014-15 school year. The dismal conditions of this past school year should have been enough to warrant this decision. Dr. Hite and SRC Chairman Bill Green took a strong stance to position themselves on the side of the community and presented themselves as being equally impacted by and frustrated with the “system” that is denying our schools funding as the students and families who attend those very schools. The School Reform Commission is made up of five appointees, three from Governor Corbett and two from Mayor Nutter. Part of the SRC’s role as the final decision-making body for the School District of Philadelphia is to hire the superintendent. So if there was any confusion, Superintendent Hite is an integral piece in the very system he is now speaking out against.

On Monday, the 9th, Governor Tom Corbett and Governor Chris Christie will be in Philadelphia to raise funds for Corbett’s re-election campaign. Parents, students, teachers and community members will be present outside of the highly exclusive Union League to tell Governor Corbett that our schools must be funded. We cannot go another year with with our schools serving as buildings to hold students throughout the day. Dr. Hite seemed to have expressed this same sentiment last week by repeating what community members have been shouting all year when he said, “Short of the $216 [million], our schools will go from insufficient to just empty shells that do not represent what I consider a functioning school.”

A member of the Philadelphia Student Union, a student, the most affected party in this “systemic disinvestment”, has been asked to speak at this event. Instead, PSU is offering our speaking slot to either Dr. Hite or Bill Green. We invite you to follow through on your promise to “… continue to focus our energy and attention on securing the needed funding for our schools.” by literally standing with the community outside of the Union League and letting Governor’s Corbett and Christie hear from you how “Running schools this way for another year is unsustainable and does an extreme disservice to our students and our families.” Dr. Hite, Mr. Green, will you speak in front of the Union League and tell Governor Corbett to fund our schools?

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