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Crowdfunding Tweet Removed: We Want Answers

Today, Erica Atwood, the External Affairs & Community Engagement Specialist for the Office of the Mayor, posted this tweet in response to parents, community members and students resisting education budget cuts and the district’s mass layoffs:

IMG 7182

Messages like these from the “leadership” of Philadelphia that are directed to the frustrated people of Philadelphia to stop “complaining” about the state of Philadelphia’s public school system completely undermines the demands from our neighborhoods to fund public education. The state and other oppresive powers continue to push community and democracy from education.

The Philadelphia Student Union responded to Ms. Atwood. We tweeted at her that it is, in fact, the job of the Mayor and City Council members to fund education. You cannot crowdsource a quality education for the students of Philadelphia. More importantly, you cannot crowdsource teachers and counselors. It is shameful to ask the parents, students, and teachers, who have already given up so much, to donate to the institution of public education. It is the job of the Mayor to get money from Governor Corbett who, by the way, is building 2 new prisons at the expense of $400 million. Additionally, Corbett is withholding the much needed $45 million in federal money owed to Philadelphia school system until more concessions can be won from the teacher’s union.

Superintendent Hite retweeted this tweet, supporting the effort to fund our schools via the pockets of the citizens of Philadelphia. Hite pushes away the responsibility of providing fully funded schools to all students in Philadelphia.

Her tweet was removed from her twitter profile. Instead of responding to our questions or critiques, we were ignored, as so often happens when you ask public officials the hard questions.

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