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CPER… what we’re taking home

We’ve already had the Senior Adviser to the Secretary of Education, Jo Anderson, speak and highlight the importance of us holding the government accountable. The federal government has a limited capacity to hold the states accountable to do the right thing. That was one takeaway. (YMAC in San Francisco)

Being here at PSU, we’re figuring out how to build a community as we get different ideas as we interview students to hire for a summer institute. (Project VOICE in Denver)

The government is trying to tell us that we need to be accountable but really they’re putting all these charter schools up, which is another form of gentrification, so they’re not really helping us. (VOYCE in Chicago)

We’re learning about new campaigns and tactics we can use to address the graduation/dropout crisis. (Critical Exposure in DC)

We want to see a revolution in our lifetime, at minimum around education. We keep having these convenings and they need to lead to making something happen — a new funding structure, an amendment to the Constitution, etc.

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