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CPER Conference 2009!

One of the coolest suggestions I’ve heard this weekend is a movement to create a national youth led innovation discussion funded by part of the stiumlus package. It is youth who tend to be at the forefront of things like blogging and new media innovation and it is youth who know what needs to be improved in their schools. It is youth who have the ideas, the energy and the enthusiasm to see possibilities that could mean real improvement in our schools. So they should be the first group we think of when talking about leading innovation. Its time to give us, the students, a real voice in the issues that are impacting our lives everyday. I bet we’ll blow you away. I see this as something we should be pushing for as this administration and the discussions about the stimulus money move forward.

Thanks to PSU for hosting us and giving us a inside look at the awesome stuff you guys are doing. You are leading the charge and it looks like there is a lot other student groups can learn from your work. I plan to take a lot of your ideas home to find out how we can begin to use them in our struggles for justice in Denver. Thanks again.

In solidarity, Caddie Jovenes Unidos

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