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Changing of The Guard

Education has been burdened by the weight of the No Child Left Behind law for far too long. Under the umbrella of NCLB the very point of education was not to enrich our students but rather to mold us into effective test takers. We were not taught a curriculum that made us into leaders or great thinkers and what was worse is the very people that actually administer our learning had their hands bound by the curriculum as well.

Finally after many long years there are developments in NCLB law. President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan have proposed a groundbreaking amendment to the original NCLB law. States can now apply for a waiver which allows states a break from some of NCLB’s intense mandates.

The previous overreaching goal to have all students nationwide to be proficient in Math and Reading by 2014 will no longer be in effect should states request so. States then have the ability to set their own realistic goals regarding proficiency. States will also have the ability to tailor their own solutions unique to the needs the schools, districts, and students that have the largest achievement gaps.

In the case of waivers, it appears the government is finally going in a better direction regarding education, but I still have my reservations about all of the changes to the law; it could just be yet another disaster. After all, this is the same machine that gave us the flawed NCLB and then waited forever to try and rectify its failures.

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For more information about the NCLB Waivers go to the following site:

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