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CALLING ALL STUDENTS!: PSU’s Media Programs for 2014

2014 has launched and so have our media programs!

Our analysis is growing. Students are continuing to look deeper into the root causes of this national attack on public education. We recognize that not only politicians are to blame for this manufactured crisis. We know that our targets have deep pockets to fund “reforms” that are not meant to help students, but rather to turn a profit for large corporations. However, we also know that the power of organized people can beat the power of money any day of the week. We have no option but to continue the fight for high quality public education in Philadelphia. We seek to use our media as a way of spreading our messages and growing our movement.

Philadelphia’s students NEED to tell our side of the story. That is why we are openning up our media programs to ALL Philadelphia high school students. Here are some fliers and more information to share! Spread the word! No one will tell our story better than we can.

onBLAST jan 2013 flyer

Our radio show is going to better than ever this year. We will be producing a monthly podcast featuring student voices on music, culture, and news. Students can expect to learn how to use professional audio equipment, conduct interviews, and edit audio on ProTools. If you are a students with something to say, make sure you join On Blast! We need students who are committed to meetings every Wednesday at 4pm here at our offices at 4205 Chestnut St.

film flier 2014

The Philadelphia Student Union will be making a video in 2014! We need at least five highly dedicated students who can commit to coming to the office every Wednesday from the end of January until May. Students will also be required to meet and work on days other than Wednesdays when there is an action to be filmed or an interview to be conducted. Students will be working with three professional film-makers to create a totally youth-produced film on the state of education in Philadelphia. Participation will require a short application- we need students who can be very committed! Meetings will be held at the PSU office at 4205 Chestnut St.

Contact the Philadelphia Student Union’s Youth Media Organizer, Beth (, 916-806-4004) to answer any of your questions.

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