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BAYM-Building A Youth Movement

This summer the Philadelphia Student Union is having another BAYM summer program! BAYM stands for building a youth movement. It is structured and coordinated by the students of the student union, which gives students the opportunity to structure and teach a curriculum for fellow students. The reason that I think students design BAYM is because students know best what works for them in the summer time, a time when most people want to meet people and have fun. This is an extremely important event because BAYM is open to all high school students in Philly and is geared toward empowering young people to become leaders as well as core members.

Over the years BAYM has been a powerful recruitment tool for the student union and I can say that because I came to BAYM last summer. It was amazing. Last summer Students learned the importance of media and we even were trained on how to use media tools such as video, radio, and even blogging.

One of the most attractive aspects of BAYM is the sense of community it brings to students from all over the district. Even thought we come from different schools with different challenges, we still have a good time and learn together. Honestly, BAYM forges many friendships among the students, which makes the work we need to do next year a little less overwhelming.

Last year we focused on breaking down boundaries among youth and teaching each other how to use media tools to make our voices heard. That has set PSU into overdrive and now we are pumping out our own media and building our own media and communication network. That has done so much for youth organizing because now people from across the nation are learning how to replicate this model and use it to make their voices herd. Despite the corporate controlled media.

This year we plan on breaking down what media is and what it was can be used for. We plan to teach our new members how to articulate and consume media. We also want them critically think about what they see on television so that they can understand both sides of a story and hopefully become motivated to tell their story.

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