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Bam! Bam! B.A.Y.M!

This past week at the Philadelphia Student Union’s summer leadership program Building A Youth Movement(B.A.Y.M), many students throughout the city came to experience new people and beneficial workshops. It’s so exciting to be among students that are truly capable of building a youth movement. As I glance around the space, I see so much energy is being channeled towards our campaign to reach and mobilize young people to reclaim our voice. In many ways as young people we have been downtrodden and as a result have forgotten the power we have. In a workshop today we came to the conclusion that as leaders in the fight for equality that the mainstream media often misrepresents us as young people as well as the people we both live and advocate for. Numerous times we as people, the young and oppressed the world around have had the negative spotlight cast upon us while our real issues have been downplayed and forgotten. We realize how important media can be in shaping the idealogy of people. In addition, how important it is for us to make our own media to combat the many half truths that get perpetuated. As an organizer it’s really decent to be surrounded by other young people that also see the issues we face. The most awesome part of the entire experience as a first time participatnt in a program such as this was to see how simply we as students understood the power of media when it is produced by the people that the issues affect the most, because no one can tell our stories better than we can. It’s really decent to be surrounded by people that really feel why it’s necessary to use our position as able critical thinkers and media makers to bring about serious change.

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