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AEJ Northeast Regional Conviening.

All of the participants of the Alliance for Educational Justice Northeast Regional

For two years PSU has been a part of the Alliance for Educational Justice (AEJ) to impact national education policy. A part of this work is the Youth Justice Corps., (YJC) a group of PSU leaders who help our members connect local organizing work to the national stage. Currently we are all working to have our first bi-weekly Youth Justice Corps. meetings and are coming. Working towards this, we recently recruited three new members to our YJC chapter and were able to bring them to the AEJ Northeast regional in Boston.

Paying attention to the environment in Boston, you can’t help but think that everybody must have known each other for a long time. That’s not the case, but it goes to illustrate how well the process has gone to introduce new people to AEJ. This makes me hopeful for our base building; I can see a clear vision of AEJ’s next steps. We understand that our power does not come from anyone handing it to us but from our communities, students, teachers, parents and young people. If we’re this good at welcoming new members then gaining numbers should be no problem.

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